Sunday, September 23, 2018

Make money with adsense and blog

Adsense is just one product for making money. Many people not only use Adsense on their blogs, but do consulting, write ebooks and use affiliate networks. Also, many people comment all over the internet to get views on their blog. Learning about SEO and trends and finding niches are yet other ways in which one must spend time. There is so much to learn about making money online.

Hey Sri, Yes, you’re right, ads still pay you – they just don’t pay you very much and so the argument isn’t that they don’t pay, it’s simply that they aren’t worth all of the bad things they bring. And certainly I agree that readers are smart and I’m not disputing that. That’s why ads break their trust – they can detect “sales” from a mile away. They’re smart people! But the beauty of blogging is that it’s your blog, so if you want to host ads, then that is the choice of the blogger. Thanks so much for your comment!

By allowing advertisements on your blogs, you create a static revenue stream. It’s basically that simple, yet there are important considerations to be made.

The one ad exception I use is to have *one* sidebar ad at a time, for something you’ve hand-picked of your own or someone else’s. Like, say, your “how to grow your blog to six figures” banner here. I find that works fine. But who even stays on blogs where there’s a big nasty top banner, and AdChoices lines interrupting the post, and scads of ads on sidebars to either side? It’s all such a turnoff.

Hey Tom, I love that last line you wrote: “The best advertising is your readers feeling confident in you enough to ask you to sell them something.” -I so agree. When your readers trust you enough, they start asking you to offer products or services. It’s awesome!
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I think the first step for most bloggers is to focus on getting the audience first, and then monetize. Otherwise, you will fall into the trap of working on a blog that is never finished and a moving monetization target.

Hi Sarah, If you wish to make money in your pajamas, that doesn’t mean you slap a few ads on your blog and you’re done. It’s true ad networks like adsense pay peanuts. (it’s much, much lower than $0.50 in second and third-world countries, if you know) That’s one reason I never even tried them. Why waste your time? When we myself hate ads on other blogs and websites, should we even think of putting them and troubling other people? Sure, popup a few ads as soon as I come to your blog and I’ll say bye bye to your blog forever. Ads are like kicking your visitors goodbye, the moment they get inside the door. On occasions I like to read a post, published on a blog that has ads, I just use Evernote’s Clearly browser extension with a single click. Poof! All ads gone and instant, distraction-free reading. Cool, isn’t it? I agree, blog networks, just like social sharing networks, slow down your blog. I love #2 — creating info products like e-books and courses. Some people earn far higher with affiliates, than even in a year of displaying ads. Thanks for the helpful post, Sarah. I’ll point my friends here when/if I see ads on their sites/blogs.

The first is where a visitor looks as soon as the page loads on their web browser. Most people look to the upper left corner of the screen. This is where your business name and/or logo should be. Placing an ad here is tantamount to saying, ‘Thanks for stopping by, but why don’t you check this other business’s website out instead.’

I have high traffic and often high CTR, I can incur what appear like nice earnings one day and by the next day all previous earnings are reduced to pennies. I imagine they deem most invalid clicks, so I kinda don’t agree with some of the tips here, yes you can do layout tweaks to increase CTR but we have no control of what Google deems valid. I’m not running some shady website enticing people to click, it’s a legit news website for a regional newspaper.

Note: If your blog is not monetized, or it’s only configured to use AdSense using the Blogger-AdSense integration, then you do not need to manually set up ads.txt. Blogger will do this for you. Read more about ads.txt for AdSense.

If you choose the represent keywords or keyword phrases that have nothing to do with your website, then visitors to your site are not likely to follow those ad links and you’ll be wasting valuable space. It’s a balancing act to choose the right keywords to represent. But when you get it right, you will be earning revenue every single month.

Hey Oumar, It can definitely be painful to say goodbye to passive income. You’re right with the idea that bloggers should get the audience first, then monetize. It’s all about trust and providing value, after all!

I agree that many of the other ideas are better alternatives than putting ads on your blog. Coaching and consulting – any service really – is the easiest way to monetize, by far, because you don’t have to develop a product or anything.